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Daily WHUFC News - Boleyn Ground

West Ham United statement
West Ham United agree the sale of the Boleyn Ground to local developer
Galliard Group

West Ham United can confirm that Award-Winning local London developer
Galliard Group has reached an agreement to purchase the Boleyn Ground
Football Stadium once the Club completes its move to the Olympic Stadium in
2016. Following a competitive bidding process, West Ham United selected
Galliard Group as the purchaser for the site ahead of a number of other
national and international companies. The Club was impressed with Galliard
Group's links to the local community and their commitment to honouring the
history of the Hammers at the Boleyn Ground as part of their proposed

West Ham United Vice-Chairman Karren Brady said: "We opted to reach an
agreement with Galliard because they are a local London developer and
employer with origins in east London. We know they are committed to working
closely with the local community and Newham Council on proposals to
transform the site into a residential and retail village, which will benefit
the local community and east London's regional economy. The deal
demonstrates that we have been true to our word by securing the regeneration
of two areas of east London through our move to the Olympic Stadium in 2016.
"In addition, and most importantly for us, we can see that Galliard are
passionate about working with West Ham United to engage their supporters to
help deliver a fitting legacy that will honour the tradition of the famous
ground. We are confident that West Ham United fans will be excited about
their vision and the way they plan to respect more than 100 years of West
Ham history at Upton Park."

Stephen Conway, Chairman and Chief Executive of Galliard Group, said:
"Galliard is one of London's most successful regeneration specialists and
has a proven track record in stadium land regeneration. Working closely with
West Ham and Newham Council, Galliard now plan to undertake extensive
consultation with local residents and businesses and the West Ham United
Supporter Advisory Board in order to create a future for the site, which is
respectful of the cultural and economic diversity of the local area."

Galliard Group is committed to an open and wide ranging consultation on its
plans for the iconic site, including full engagement with Newham Council, as
the relevant planning authority, as well as with local residents and
businesses. Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham, said: "We have always
maintained that West Ham United's relocation to Stratford had the potential
to deliver an Olympic Legacy beyond Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as a key
part of the comprehensive regeneration of Green Street and Upton Park. The
prospect of much needed homes, jobs and community spaces for this area is an
exciting one."

Galliard's proposals seek to provide new homes and both complementary and
innovative ground floor retail and leisure facilities, complete with
underground parking. Galliard also plan to undertake discussions with the
family of Bobby Moore regarding the proposed development of a beautiful
central landscaped garden, which would be named the Bobby Moore Memorial
Garden, providing a fitting tribute to the legacy of West Ham United at the
iconic site. Under proposals also being considered, fans and local residents
would be invited to enter a poll to name each building after a legendary
player or an historic event at the Club.

In addition, Galliard have commissioned world-renowned sculptress, Frances
Siegelman, to create a statue of Bobby Moore and other artwork celebrating
the heritage of the Football Club, which would be located in the gardens and
grounds of the new village. Under the plans, the current West Ham memorial
garden by the front entrance to the grounds would also be retained,
protected and incorporated into the new development.

Bobby Moore's daughter, Roberta Moore, is pleased that there will be a
lasting tribute to West Ham United on Green Street. She said: "I have always
believed that there should be some form of permanent West Ham United
presence at the Boleyn Ground site after the team leave and I'm really
pleased that the centre point of the development is planned to be named in
honour of my father. Hopefully the new sculptures and buildings being
proposed will also help ensure that a lasting legacy to the Club, my father
and his team-mates is left at Upton Park."

The new village, which will have a construction programme of some 30 months,
has an anticipated completion date of late 2018.

Roberta Moore hails Boleyn plans
Plans to protect West Ham United's legacy have been praised by the daughter
of Bobby Moore

Roberta Moore, daughter of West Ham United and England's legendary captain,
Bobby, is pleased to see that the Club's presence at the Boleyn Ground is
being protected as part of the new development.

Galliard Group have plans to name the central area of the development after
Roberta's father and the site will have new sculptures and works of art
dedicated to West Ham's most famous players and games. "The move away from
the Boleyn Ground is always going to be a sensitive and emotive topic for
West Ham United and its fans and it is one with which I empathise and
totally understand," Roberta said. "That's why I was pleased to learn about
Galliard Homes' plans to recognise the Club's contribution to the history of
Upton Park. "I have always believed that there should be some form of
permanent West Ham United presence at the Boleyn Ground site after the team
leave and I'm really pleased that they plan to name the centre point of the
development in honour of my father."

Galliard Group's plans would see a central open space named 'The Bobby Moore
Memorial Gardens' become the focal point of the development. Roberta hopes
that it will serve as a permanent reminder of the Hammers' time at the
Boleyn Ground. "I would love to see the Bobby Moore Memorial Gardens become
a place that Hammers fans can visit to share their memories of watching the
team at the Boleyn Ground. "Hopefully the new sculptures and buildings being
proposed will also help ensure that a lasting legacy to the Club, my father
and his team-mates are left at the site."

Development on the new site will begin after West Ham United have made the
short trip to make the Olympic Stadium its new home in 2016. While Roberta
admits it will be an emotional time for everyone connected with the Club,
she is looking forward to what the move can do for West Ham. "The Upton Park
area will always have a special place in West Ham United fans' hearts but
time moves on and I am excited about the move to West Ham's new home in
2016. I know my father would have been very proud about calling such a venue
as the Olympic Stadium West Ham United's home."

Boleyn Ground Q+A
Your questions answered about the sale of the Boleyn Ground to local
developer Galliard Group

Why did West Ham United choose to partner with Galliard Group?

Galliard Group is a local company that understands and respects the Club's
history and tradition. There were better offers on the table from more
aggressive developers but these were rejected as the Club wanted to leave
the right legacy for fans and the local community. Galliard Group has proven
sports ground regeneration skills, having delivered a substantial part of
the residential housing at the new Emirates Stadium development. They are
also committed to servicing the needs of the local community and they plan
to liaise closely with West Ham and the London Borough of Newham to
undertake community and stakeholder consultation with fans, local residents
and local business. The London Borough of Newham have previously identified
the need for more homes, jobs and community spaces in that local area .
During the construction period, the new development will create hundreds of
jobs on site, with additional employment created in any on-site commercial
facilities agreed after consultation, which will mean that the new future
for the site will play a huge part in the regeneration of the Upton Park
area. The London Borough of Newham have previously expressed a desire for
more high-quality housing in the local area and Galliard's proposal matches
that criteria.

What will be at the site to commemorate West Ham's history?

We were impressed with Galliard Group's commitment to honouring the legacy
of West Ham United at the site. They have plans to name the key buildings at
the new site after West Ham United legends, decided through polls and
competitions with fans and the local community.
Subject to approval and consultation, they also plan to name the central
area of the development after West Ham legend Bobby Moore and will be
looking to create sculptures and works of art to remember famous players and
moments from West Ham's history. These will all be created in conjunction
with the players' families and fans.

What will happen to the remembrance garden?

One of the most important aspects for West Ham in the negotiations with
potential partners was the plans for the Memorial Gardens. We are pleased
that Galliard Group plan to leave the Memorial Garden as it is so relatives
and friends of loved ones can continue to come and pay their respects at the

Will the commemorative bricks be coming?

Yes. All of the names and messages on the commemorative bricks currently in
place at the Boleyn Ground will be transferred to the Olympic Stadium. The
Club also have plans to offer fans the chance to place new bricks at West
Ham's new home

What else will be coming with West Ham to the Olympic Stadium?

The Club are in discussions with the Supporter Advisory Board about what
they want the Club to take to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Those
discussions are ongoing but the key parts of the Club's history are likely
to travel alongside items like the commemorative plaques for Club legends
and the West Ham Pals Battalion from the First World War.

Will local residents and traders be consulted?

Yes, Galliard Group are renowned for their consultation with local
residents. They pride themselves on their engagement with the local
community and will hold regular meetings and distribute a regular newsletter
to local residents and businesses

What if I'm interested in buying one of the properties?

No properties will be released for sale until consultation is undertaken and
planning is provided for properties to be built on the site. Only once this
is done will Galliard Group look at selling properties on the site. Galliard
Group are signatories to the House Builders Federation pledge that all of
their London properties are offered for sale to Londoners/UK buyers first,
before being marketed/sold overseas.

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